ORLY is the trendsetter when it comes to fashion for nails. Taking influences from the catwalk, ORLY's seasonal collections go hand in hand with fashion trends, and with over 150 different colours to choose from, there's a shade for every occassion.

Established in the 1970's. ORLY created the iconic Original French Manicure® to complement the Hollywood star's entire on set wardrobe. After being showcased on the catwalks of Paris, it became an instant classic that is still as popular today.


Over 30 years and more than 25 treatments later, ORLY is renowned around the world for its professional quality products. A complete manicure and pedicure range, ORLY has everything you need to keep your hands and feet in the red carpet standard they so deserve.

Orly Epix

Flexible Color is the next evolution of nail colour, in-between a gel and a nail

laquer with easy application and removal that naturally cures with natural

light.  The flexible Color and Sealcoat fuse together to create a durable,

scratch-resistant, high-shine finish that dries in less than 8 minutes.  No

lamps or intense removals required - just long lasting, fabulous manicures.

  • 36 Color options

  • 2-step application

  • Wears over one week

  • Innovative Smudge-Fixing formula

  • Easy-on, Easy-off

  • High-shine

  • Dries in less than 8 minutes

  • No LED light required

Standard Manicure - £22.00

Cuticle work, hand massage, file & polish

Luxury Manicure - £28.00

As standard but with the following: Hand mask, hot mitts and hand & arm massage

Standard Pedicure - £25.00

Cuticle work, foot massage, file & polish

Luxury Pedicure - £29.00

As standard but with the following: foot mask, hot mitts and foot & leg massage

File & polish - £15.00

Children's polish(under 12) - £7.00


Orly Gel FX Gel Polish

This is a vitamin infused gel polish which gives you full protection

and incredible shine and ensures chip free nails for two weeks.

Gel FX File & Polish - £24.00

Add on to any nail treatment - £10.00

Removal - £8.00

Removal & Mini Mani - £16.00

Removal & Re-application - £28.00

Polygel Nails

ibd introduces the latest in gel nail enhancement innovation: Control Gel. A new pro-hybrid gel that conquers the complexities of hard gel and acrylics in a simple, premixed tube.

This LED/UV formula is perfect for overlays and extensions, with a faster and uncomplicated application. The unique formula stays in place, moves when you need it moved and has slight self-leveling properties that assist effortless application. Control Gel is lighter than acrylic and hard gels, without sacrificing strength and stability but without the monomer odor or excess dust.

Full Set Sculpted Nail Extensions - £35.00

Polygel Nail Infills - £25.00

Polygel Overlays - £28.00

Single Nail - £4.00

Gel Colour Add On - £5.00

Polygel Removal - £15.00